Tuesday, May 25

I am back

Again, I have to say sorry for not having posted anything for ages! But I promise I am back now! In the next days I will upload some pics from the mayor events of the last year. For example, my rafting trip on the Moldau, my visit in Dublin, new years party etc...

Some daily thoughts: Since the weather in Germany finally decided to get warm again, I am back to biking to work every day! I also got a nice bike computer from some friends (@Ina and Moritz: Thank you!). So now I can really measure my daily speed. :) I get amazingly fast downhill. :P However, I still need at least 29 mins (yeah actually it is a new record!!) to work. A friend of mine only needs less than 25 min, so I need to get even faster! (@Jens: I need you as a trainer, please!!!)

Take care guys!! Read you soon!