Sunday, May 28

Live in BCN

It seems that life in BCN gets better and better. My thesis work is progressing, I am finishing my student's report and I got to know nice people. My spanish is improving as well, every day I understand more and more. However, I still have problems with the conversation, especially the grammar is difficult, mainly since I cannot remember anything. Actually, I can only speak in the presents tense and the simple " going to" future. ;) So, I should practice every day. :)

Next week, Thursday, I am flying to Helsinki to visit Bernd, my boyfriend. I haven't seen him for more than a month. I do really miss him and I am very excited when I am thinking of the trip. Well, the weather will not be as good as in BCN, but it doesn't matter. ;)

Yeah, well what did I do in the last weeks? Hmm, let me think ... not really much, since I was working on my thesis and the German report. Well, there was the birthday party of my flatmate, BCN won the Campions League and this weekend there were some parties as well. But besides them, I was really working. You can believe me! I haven't done any proper sight seeing yet. Thus, I haven't put any new fotos online yet. But this will be changing soon, I hope at least.

Ah, yeah, I nearly forgot. My German package finally arrived, after I tried one week to reschedule the delivery. It was horrible! But now I have it. I also bought a table and a small shelf for my room (we have 2 IKEAs in Barcelona!!). Well, now my room is completly full, but I have anything I need. I am getting used to the small room. Anyway, I spend most of the time in the living room and since my two flatmates are not often at home or sleeping the whole day, I can do whatever I want. ;)

This is all. I think there are no more news at the moment. So hopefully, the next time you will see some pictures again. I will do my best.

Take care,

Sunday, May 7

Red Bull Air Race

Yesterday, I was at the red bull air race. It was amazing! It was a really good show. First there were some helicopters and some sky divers which did a lot of crazy stunts. I often thought there will be a crash, but fortunately nothing happend. Later there was the race between different airplanes. No, the planes were not flying at the same time, only one each time and in the end the fastest won. Here are two pics from planes.

There were so many people that you nearly couldn't see the sand at the beach. I tried to meet two friends, but it was not possible. You couldn't connect to a net, since there were too many people with mobile phones. I think they said there were more than 1 Mio. persons.
And you won't believe who I met per accident! My flatmate Inigor with his friends. Here is also a pic from my flatmate:
As you can see, it was quite warm. :) Well, it's Barcelona. For all of you who don't know how this race works: the planes have to fly a certain route which is indicated by big blow-up cones on each side. The planes have to fly as fast as possible between this cones. If they "touch" them, they get a penaltiy of 10 s. So the planes are really fast and quite close to the water, since the cones were swimming on the water close to the beach.

If you want to see more and better pics then go to
There are also the results from the race. The German pilot Klaus didn't win. :( But the Hungarian guy was really good!

Saturday, May 6

more pics

Well, I guess you wanna see more pics, okay here they are. First of all, the house in which I am living at the moment:
it is the light pink one in the back ground :) As you can see, there is a small park with a play ground in front of the house. Please note the fence!!!! I think the function of the fence is to protect the dogs from the children ;) Yes, the dogs are running free in the park, but the children are behind the fence. Crazy Spain! You wanna see the park? okay, here you are:
Did I tell you, that I live opposite of the Barcelona Stadium? No? Well I do!

And of course you wanna see my new room. Don't be surprised, I told you it is small!!
... and if you look to the left
The view from the Palau Hostel if you look to the right ....

First week in Barcelona

I did it! I went to Barcelona to do my diploma thesis. Yes, Barcelona in Spain, well better Catalunia. ;)
The first nights, I spent in a Hostel with the name Palau and it was very nice. Quite central and I meet great people there. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for sight seeing since I was looking for a nice flat in BCN. However this was much more complicated as I thought.
Well, now I am living with two guys from St. Sebastian, Ibai and Inigor. They are nice and they also speak english. ;)
My room is quite small and but not cheap!! It has a window and I can see the sky! This is not naturally in Spain. A lot of the rooms I saw where interior, that means you look at a dark, mouldy and depressing duct. :( You do not want to have a room with a window like than, believe me!

You wanna see some pics, okay.