Tuesday, January 13

Broken Mirror

I just came home and nearly stepped into my broken mirror. I can't believe it!! Approximately 3 months ago, I glued the mirror against the side of my tall closet. I thought I did a great job. Before gluing the mirror to the wall, I cleaned both, the wall of the closet as well as the back of the mirror, so they were free of grease and dust. I also used special glue pads for mirrors. I though it will last for ever. Well, it seems I am very bad in judging everlasting situations...
Does it now mean I will have seven years of bad luck? Or does this superstition only come true if you have smashed the mirror by yourself or at least have been present when it happened? What do you think? Will I be damned?
Since I arrived so late this evening, I couldn't hoover (vacuum-clean for my American friends) my floor. I don't wanna weak up my neighbors. So, I could only collect the bigger pieces and I have to hoover the whole floor tomorrow morning. Great start into the day, don't you think? =(

Thursday, January 8

The Gym

This evening I went to the gym for the first time of this year. The gym is very nice and well equipped. They have this Miha training circuits. There you get a smart card which contains all settings for each machine. So you simply have to go to the machine you want to use and insert the card. Then automatically the machine finds the right settings for you such as seat height, optimal range of motion and the weight you used the last time. The latter was the reason why I was so devastated after the training. Well, I must confess that I didn't really go to the gym in Dezember. After all what happend in the begining of Dezember, I was not really "motivated" ... So the weights today were still the ones I used in November when I had gone to the gym twice a week for several months. Whose of you who do some sports might know that the muscles will degenerate quite fast if you stop the training. I can confirm this. Today, I was barely able to lift the weights. I even had to reduce some of them. After the training I was so excaused that my knees were shaking and I had to sit down for more than 10 mins. I guess tomorrow all my muscles will be really painful. I am really looking forward to this. :/ So if you hear a pained groan tomorrow, turn around it might be me. ;)

Wednesday, January 7

It is time!

After Bernd broke up with me in the beginning of December, I thought I wanna die. But I didn't. I survived the first Christmas and the first new years eve without him. It was really hard since the last three years I spent these days with Bernd only. It was such a special time for me. I guess I still do love him. I can't change my feelings so fast. But I start to accept that he doesn't love me anymore. Well, I don't have another chance, do I? I can't change it and nothing will come back. He is back in the states and it should be easier now. But it isn't. Well, everybody tells me that it will be better with time. I guess they are right, even if I can't believe it right now.
At new years eve, I figured that I can't wait until it is better. Hence I decided that it is time to change my life! I wanna travel around, I wanna meet all my friends, I wanna do something exciting, something special, something new ... I wanna have every day something I can appreciate. No waiting anymore, no postponements anymore ... just here and now ... Let's see how it works!