Saturday, February 3


I forgot something! Today, I also got the results of my TOEFL test. I took the test in the beginning of December 2006. The results took an awful long time to arrive to my home. In Germany, they changed the TOEFL tests. I think you could to the computer based tests until the end of September. Now, you have to do an internet based test. The two tests differ a lot, e.g. in the new test also the speaking is rated. More information you can find here. I think the new test is much more difficult than the old one. I had a quite bad feeling when I leaved to testing room, so I was very nervous when I opened the letter with the results today. First, I was shocked from the picture of mine staring from right upper corner of the letter. You don't want to see this! Then, I search for the results and couldn't believe it. I got 109 out of 120 possible points! That's great and more than I needed for the universities in USA. =) So, I was very happy and proud. I would like to copy this result and send it to my old English teacher from school. I think she would faint right a way. ;) Well, personally I think they accidentally permute my results with another. But if you don't tell them, I won't ever. Ok? ;)

New Apartment

Today, I moved from one apartment to another. Well, actually I didn’t wanted to move since living with my two flatmates, Jens-Peter (alias JP) and Stefan (alias Langi) was really nice. We were laughing a lot and you never had the feeling to be alone. Thanks guys for this great time!!

So why did I move if I liked the old apartment?! Well, it was not my decision since I rent the room from Jan, who is doing his PhD in cooperation with our university and a Germany company. Thus, he wasn’t really often in Ilmenau and I could live in his room. However, now he is returning to Ilmenau in order to finish his PhD thesis. Since I am still not finished with my thesis, I had to look for something else.

I was very lucky that Reinhard, a friend of mine, doesn’t need his room for the next two months. So, I could move in to finish my thesis and prepare my defence without any further trouble. =) A big hug and kiss to Reinhard!!

I also want to say thank you to Aylin and Stephan who helped me a lot today. Thanks for driven, having time and carrying!!!!!!!! Thanks also to Langi and JP. =) I also don’t want to forget my parents, who came this afternoon and took some stuff I won’t need anymore back home. Thanks for the nice lunch and the great afternoon.

Now, I am in the new apartment. Unfortunately, my two new flatmates are not here this weekend, so I am alone. L I always become depressed if I feel too alone. One of the two guys I know already quite well, we have been studying together for years. Yeah, he already finished his studies. L I am to slow!!

As you can see, the net is already working, but the TV doesn’t want to work. There might be some problems with the cable. But, maybe this is good so I will better concentrate on my thesis. You never know?! On the other hand, I have to admit, I am addicted to moving pictures. So it is like a detoxication at the moment. =)

I am sure, you will hear soon from me again. ;)

Sunday, January 14

I am back in Germany

I left San Francisco more than one week ago and I already miss Bernd like hell! The time in the USA was really nice but has gone by much too fast. We visited a lot of nice places, not only the Fisherman’s Wharf, China Town, Union Square, Coit Tower and Twin Peaks in San Francisco, but also some really nice places in the country side. We also went for some short hikes during my time in California. I would recommend the bear valley trail at the Point Reyes National Seashore, which is a national park in the north of San Francisco. It is next to the San Andreas fault and there you can also walk the “legendary” Earth quake trail. =) The bear valley trail starts at the seashore information centre in bear valley and leads to the Archers Rock at the west coast. The roundtrip is a little bit more then 8 miles, but doesn’t have big differences in elevation. We had a nice time there and saw a lot of deer, which was not shy at all. The best was the view from Archers Rock at the coast. I am normally not a hiking person, but I really liked this hike even we didn’t have a lot of food and we were nearly starving in the end. However, we had some hot tea and so we survived the trip without any irreparable damages. ;)

In the first week, Bernd rent a car that was a really good idea, since a car is really convenient and for some things essential in the USA, such as groceries shopping. Compared with the European definition of distance, everything is really far a way from each other and it just takes a lot of time to come from place A to place B. I think I will get used to it after some time.

For New Years Eve, we went to San Francisco with some friends. For dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant and discovered China Town for a second time. It is really informative if you go with Chinese people there, really great. Then we had some drinks in the Jungle Bar close to the legendary Pier 39, where you can see the seals. From the Pier, we watched the fireworks. It was really a nice night and we had a lot of fun.

My conclusions of the trip: American people always smile back, Dim Sum (the Chinese answer of Spanish Tapas) is more than delicious and Bernd is simple gorgeous. Thank you very much for this amazing time, your great cooking and your patience, help and encouragement. =)