Wednesday, October 31

Improvement every day

Today, it is exactly two weeks after my operation. I am still not allowed to put any weight on my foot. The strings were taken out two days ago and since then the swelling has gone down very fast. But take a look for yourself:

I am really sick to death with laying around all day long, putting ice on my foot and needing 20 mins to "go" 5 meters. Well, I am a good girl and following the instructions of my doctor very precisely. So I will be bored as hell soon. :( If this is not the case, I guess I will fly in pieces since my mummy is taking care of me. So the food is good and I am not moving at all. That's a really bad combination!! I already have gained 3kg. :/  So I should start doing some kind of sport. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 19

OP survived

Two days ago, I had my operation on my left foot. I've broken a bone on my left middle foot (MT5) over 4 weeks ago. I was hoping it will heal without an operation. But a check after 2.5 weeks showed that nothing at all was changed, in contrary, it became worse. So an operation was necessary. First I was shocked since I didn't expect this change of course. I hate hospitals, I hate needles, I hate all this stuff, so these were awesome news. But well, I didn't really have a choice.
A friend of mine suggested a nice clinic, not to far away, there she made herself really good experiences during her own surgery. So I called and directly got an appointment to discuss everything. The doctor was very funny, interesting and toke a lot of time to answer all my questions. I felt really in good hands and decided to let him perform the operation.
It was a day surgery, so I had to be there before 9am and left the clinic shortly before 6pm. The operation itself didn't take too long, a little bit more than one hour. But all the preparations before and all the waiting time afterwards toke ages. Now, 4 screws and one metal plate holding my left bone in place so it can heal perfectly. I would lie if I would say it was not painful. Especially after I woke up from the op, I had lot's of pain and it seemed like it takes ages before the painkillers worked. But, I was still lucky considering all the other people I saw in the clinic. So I shouldn't complain to much.
A day later I had to go to the clinic again to remove the catheter from the wound. It was also the first time I saw the cut and it is huge! Nearly the full length of my foot. o.O I didn't expect that. Well, now it is done. But a new x-ray showed that everything was still in place and it just needs some time to recover completely. So I have to lay down the next weeks and I am not allowed to put any weight on the foot. So I am back to jumping on one leg. :/
I am a very good girl and I am obeying the doctor's orders 100%. So I good the first nice present this morning. My nice orange toes were not swollen anymore and back to normal size. There the proof.

Besides all that stuff. I am really lucky person. Because my mum has the time to be with me and she is taking lot's of c are of me. Otherwise it might be much more difficult for me. This late morning I got an awesome brunch! And I also have a funny, small and handsome nurse taking also care of me. Here he is watching and checking that I will finish the whole plate. ;)

Isn't he cute? ;)

Sunday, October 14


This words were posted by a friend of mine in facebook and I really liked this poem, so I have to share it with you as well:

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I really like this simile. So I was searching the internet for the autor who turned out to be very interesting as well. Elisabeth was a Swiss American psychiatrist and the autor of many books. She became only 78 years old and her most popular book "On Death and Dying (1969)" is about her near-death studies she have done during her time at the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine. In her book, she proposed the now famous Five Stages of Grief. These five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.Well, I've heard many times of this stages but never knew from whom they originated. So as a friend would say: "again what learned" :)