Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas 2012

I wish you all a peaceful and wonderful time with your family, friends and loved ones. I am with my parents right now and we have lot's of fun with our awesome Christmas hairbands. My mum and I found them last Friday and they were one sale (50 cents each), so we couldn't resist. My father is not so delighted that he has to wear one too, but it is Christmas. :) So,
Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21

Five Questions Friday!

It is Friday, so again Steffi was publishing five questions, the last one of this year, which I try to answer now. :)
1.) Anything unsaid in 2012? Was willst du 2012 noch sagen?
Love is so important for everybody, so stop singing the blues or feeling bad. There is lots of love out there, just start to give some and you will sooner or later receive some.  

2.) How are you? Wie geht's dir?

I feel on top of the world surrounded by lovely people.

3.) Did you already buy yourself as present? Hast du dir schon mal selbst geschenkt?
I am still adicted to books, I can't pass a book store without shoping. ;)

4.) What are you going to eat in the next days? Was isst du die nächsten Tage?

I love fried potatoes, especially with rosemary. Delicious!

5.) And now? Und jetzt?

I have some nice and peaceful days with my family and our dog. :)

Thursday, December 13

12 of 12

Frau Kännchens from Draußen nur Kännchen started a nice game. Every month on the 12 she is taking 12 pictures and posting them on her very nice blog. I liked the idea and yesterday was the 12th of December so here them come:
 Today I had my first physio-lesson after my operation. It was okay but more a massage than exercise.

 While heading to work I saw these pigeons gathering all together.

 By a close up, they were all sleeping, so peaceful.

 Waiting for the train, yes the sun just comes up around 8:30 am.It has been the first blue sky since days.

Enjoying my orchidee at work.
 Claudia was solving the puzzle, I put online some days before. (I must confess I forgot to take a pic yesterday, so I just did it some minutes ago ;) )

 Having some nuts to increase my brain capacity in the afternoon.

 When I came home, I found a nice surprise in my mail box. I got a parcel!!

 I am so happy that my rubber tree is getting finally new leaves after months of nearly dieding.

 Getting ready for the weekly girls night :)

 The remaining after 6 girls ordering 4 pizzas

 The day ended as it started, with a train ride ...

Tuesday, December 11

Something Wrong?

The question of today: What is wrong in this picture? Can you find it?

And since he is so cute, a new photo of my favorite visitor =)

Friday, December 7

Five Questions Friday

I always wanted to participate in the 5-question Friday which I have seen on several nice blogs I check frequently. So every week before Friday, Steffi is publishing 5 questions which I will answer with photos I made this week, let's check it out.  

1.) Warst du brav? - Have you been a good girl?
I saved the neighbors cat from getting frozen outside at least twice this week. =)

2.) Was wünschst du dir vom Weihnachtsmann? - What are your wishes for Christmas?

The hand-some santa from here would be nice. =)

3.) Was hält dich warm? - What keeps you warm?

My nice and warm green winter jacket! I love it!

4.) Ist wahr? - Is it true?

I have been in Cologne last Wednesday!

5.) Was war gut? - What was great?

DLR Science Slam final live in Cologne 2012! It was an awesome night!

Monday, December 3

Paper Snowflake DIY

I found this tutorial some time ago and I always wanted to make my own snowflake. This evening was the one, it is cold and dark outside, so it is perfect for crafting. The snowflake is very easy to make and so beautiful. You only need 6 quadratic sized paper in the color you prefer, a pair of scissors, a pencil if you prefer to mark the cut before, glue and some thread to mount the snowflake. Of course, the bigger the paper squares, the bigger the final snowflake will be. Well, as you know I am addicted to red, brown and orange colors, so I chose some red paper.

I didn't have any quadratic papers at home, so I simply divided three A4 sized papers in half

in order to get the quadratic shape, I simply removed the excess paper after turning the right lower corner to the top line.

By doing so, you will end up with a square folded diagonal. Now you have to cut three parallel triangles starting from the folded edge. The triangles should be distributed evenly. Make sure that you don't cut till the top of the triangle.

Then unfold the square and put some glue to the corner of  inner triangle.

Turn the square to the other side and glue the two inner triangles together. You will get a tube. Then you repeat this procedure with the next triangle. So put some glue to the inner corner, turn the paper and put the two corners of the inner triangle together.

You get another tube pointing on the other side as the first one.

 As you might have guessed, you continue gluing the corners alternately together.

So you will end up with four tube-like shapes, two on each side.

After the fourth, the last, triangle, we will receive the first part of the final snow flake. You will need six parts, so you have to repeat the whole cutting and gluing marathon with the other 5 remaining papers. Once, you finished then, you can start gluing them together. Here I put the first two together.
Finally, you will have all six parts glued together.

Now you can a whole in one of the six ends. Put some thread through it and you can hang it into your window.

Sunday, December 2

Belated Birthday Present

Last week, I got a belated birthday present from two friends. They bought this star on their journey through Asia in the summer and I feel very loved and honored that they though about me. I love this star! It gives such a nice red and romantic light. But take a look by yourself.
 And this is the package it come in.

Saturday, December 1

Xmas time is definitely coming ...

I love this pre-Xmas time each year. Outside it is getting colder and colder, inside it is warm and the candles are shining. Everybody is spending time with their families and friends. Lot's of harmony and relaxing time.
As you can see, even our dog is relaxed. I haven't seen him for almost two week and his fur has been growing a lot. I nearly didn't recognize him when I arrived. :) He looks like a small sheep. But so he is very well protect against the cold. I wish I would have such a nice coat.
Another very nice thing in this time of the year are the traditional German Xmas cookies and cakes. They are gorgeous! Only the German "Glühwein" is missing. But who knows, maybe I am lucky and I will get one later today. :) Tomorrow it is the first advent! And I wish you all a nice Xmas time!

Saturday, November 24

Dog-ate-my-homework Excuse

I was always thinking that excuses such as "Sorry, but my dog ate my homework" are not true and only a bad myth. But i was taught better by our new dog. He is cute and lovely, but as soon as a sheet of paper is on the ground he becomes an animal and has to destroy it. 

But who can be angry with such a cutie? Well, I can't ... =)

Thursday, November 22

Edible Art!

I can't believe that someone can be so patient! Look at all these cookies Natasha Tasica made!

I wish I would be as talented and patient to make such brilliant cookies. Well, I might should try it. Christmas time is coming up. So if not now, when then?

Wednesday, November 21

The best thing ever!

What is the best thing you can do after a really long working day? The only right answer is a long and nice bath, especially if it is very cold outside and your heating is not probably working. I never could life without a bathtub. It is the secret cure for everything, particular if you are not alone. ;)

I got this nice frog as a birthday present from a friend this year. I was hoping he will turn into a prince, but he didn't. Well, maybe next time. =)

Tuesday, November 20

Lila Woken

It is such an awesome German song! Just perfect! I could hear it all day long. So I have to share the youtube clip with you!

I can't wait to start going out, meeting friends and just simply have a great time.

Monday, November 19

Somebody who really missed me!

In the last weeks, I was at my parents to recover from my foot operation. Yesterday evening, I came back and today was my first working day. It was really interesting and lots of things had to be done. But it was also really exhausting. My foot was okay most of the day, however, by the time I went home it started hurting a bit. So, I was really looking forward to having a relaxing evening on my couch. As soon as I switched on my lights, I noticed a strange sound from my terrace and guess who was there. Felix, my neighbor's cat was already waiting for me and wanted to make up for 3 weeks of no cuddling time. So I couldn't say no and well, look by yourself

I completely forgot that I was wearing my black cardigan and that cats like to lose lots of their hair while stroking. :/ Now, I look so
Well, I have to do my laundry soon anyway =) It was definitely worth it.

Wednesday, November 14


Today it is four weeks after my operation and I am still not allowed to walk and have to put my foot up. I can tell you this is really boring! I domed to lay on my parents couch most of the day and I also have to take heparin each day. Well, I must confess I really got used to the injections and 90% of them go really well. So it has lost some of its horror. Ups, I should say that otherwise it will get worse again ... But I am so bored every day and I am so unsatisfied since I can not do much. So, I am reading a lot and I want to share my two favorite English craft websites with you. The first one, shelterness is a collection of very interesting crafting ideas. I like to look through the articles and collect ideas for future crafting projects. The second one is AlisaBurke. I just love her ideas and creativity! She is a freelance painter and mixed media artist and she is posting lots of interesting stuff. I simply love her designs!! I wish I were so creative. 
I also spend some time with our "new" dog. Barney. He is so cute. But have a look by yourself

 I think he could be a super dog model. ;) I tried to teach him some tricks while I am at my parents. But he is really selective and stubborn. So, he comes when I calling his name, he sits, lays down and he lets off toys if I order it. So far so good. However, he doesn't want to fetch things. So I am throwing toys, he is running behind them, he is picking them up and when I call him, he is coming but without anything! So he is never returning anything! It is so annoying. I guess I should be more patient but it is not one of my strengths and I can't reach the thrown toys so easily. :/ Well, it might come with time, isn't it? I will miss him a lot when I am back to my normal life again.

Thursday, November 1

1000 Clicks!

Tsschhakkkaa, over the first 1000 clicks! Thanks guys for your interest! :) I know one thousand is not much, but it is a start. :)
Sometimes small things make you happy. The sun is shining today and the radio is playing nice music and the foot is not aging ... a perfect bank holiday!

Wednesday, October 31

Improvement every day

Today, it is exactly two weeks after my operation. I am still not allowed to put any weight on my foot. The strings were taken out two days ago and since then the swelling has gone down very fast. But take a look for yourself:

I am really sick to death with laying around all day long, putting ice on my foot and needing 20 mins to "go" 5 meters. Well, I am a good girl and following the instructions of my doctor very precisely. So I will be bored as hell soon. :( If this is not the case, I guess I will fly in pieces since my mummy is taking care of me. So the food is good and I am not moving at all. That's a really bad combination!! I already have gained 3kg. :/  So I should start doing some kind of sport. Any suggestions?