Saturday, February 3

New Apartment

Today, I moved from one apartment to another. Well, actually I didn’t wanted to move since living with my two flatmates, Jens-Peter (alias JP) and Stefan (alias Langi) was really nice. We were laughing a lot and you never had the feeling to be alone. Thanks guys for this great time!!

So why did I move if I liked the old apartment?! Well, it was not my decision since I rent the room from Jan, who is doing his PhD in cooperation with our university and a Germany company. Thus, he wasn’t really often in Ilmenau and I could live in his room. However, now he is returning to Ilmenau in order to finish his PhD thesis. Since I am still not finished with my thesis, I had to look for something else.

I was very lucky that Reinhard, a friend of mine, doesn’t need his room for the next two months. So, I could move in to finish my thesis and prepare my defence without any further trouble. =) A big hug and kiss to Reinhard!!

I also want to say thank you to Aylin and Stephan who helped me a lot today. Thanks for driven, having time and carrying!!!!!!!! Thanks also to Langi and JP. =) I also don’t want to forget my parents, who came this afternoon and took some stuff I won’t need anymore back home. Thanks for the nice lunch and the great afternoon.

Now, I am in the new apartment. Unfortunately, my two new flatmates are not here this weekend, so I am alone. L I always become depressed if I feel too alone. One of the two guys I know already quite well, we have been studying together for years. Yeah, he already finished his studies. L I am to slow!!

As you can see, the net is already working, but the TV doesn’t want to work. There might be some problems with the cable. But, maybe this is good so I will better concentrate on my thesis. You never know?! On the other hand, I have to admit, I am addicted to moving pictures. So it is like a detoxication at the moment. =)

I am sure, you will hear soon from me again. ;)

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