Friday, October 19

OP survived

Two days ago, I had my operation on my left foot. I've broken a bone on my left middle foot (MT5) over 4 weeks ago. I was hoping it will heal without an operation. But a check after 2.5 weeks showed that nothing at all was changed, in contrary, it became worse. So an operation was necessary. First I was shocked since I didn't expect this change of course. I hate hospitals, I hate needles, I hate all this stuff, so these were awesome news. But well, I didn't really have a choice.
A friend of mine suggested a nice clinic, not to far away, there she made herself really good experiences during her own surgery. So I called and directly got an appointment to discuss everything. The doctor was very funny, interesting and toke a lot of time to answer all my questions. I felt really in good hands and decided to let him perform the operation.
It was a day surgery, so I had to be there before 9am and left the clinic shortly before 6pm. The operation itself didn't take too long, a little bit more than one hour. But all the preparations before and all the waiting time afterwards toke ages. Now, 4 screws and one metal plate holding my left bone in place so it can heal perfectly. I would lie if I would say it was not painful. Especially after I woke up from the op, I had lot's of pain and it seemed like it takes ages before the painkillers worked. But, I was still lucky considering all the other people I saw in the clinic. So I shouldn't complain to much.
A day later I had to go to the clinic again to remove the catheter from the wound. It was also the first time I saw the cut and it is huge! Nearly the full length of my foot. o.O I didn't expect that. Well, now it is done. But a new x-ray showed that everything was still in place and it just needs some time to recover completely. So I have to lay down the next weeks and I am not allowed to put any weight on the foot. So I am back to jumping on one leg. :/
I am a very good girl and I am obeying the doctor's orders 100%. So I good the first nice present this morning. My nice orange toes were not swollen anymore and back to normal size. There the proof.

Besides all that stuff. I am really lucky person. Because my mum has the time to be with me and she is taking lot's of c are of me. Otherwise it might be much more difficult for me. This late morning I got an awesome brunch! And I also have a funny, small and handsome nurse taking also care of me. Here he is watching and checking that I will finish the whole plate. ;)

Isn't he cute? ;)

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