Saturday, November 18

17th WWRF meeting in Heidelberg

Yes, I know I haven’t written for ages. I already feel really bad about it. So don’t be angry with me, please!!!

From Wednesday to Friday, I went to my first conference/meeting in Heidelberg. The 17th WWRF meeting was very nice and well-organised. I heard a lot of very interesting presentations and meet many remarkable people. The hotel, where the meeting took place, was very nice as well and the food was gorgeous.

My own presentation was on Thursday afternoon, and everything went okay. Well, I was very nervous and simply forgot some entertaining parts I planed to say. However, I think my professor was satisfied with my presentation and I think I put my message across. =)

On Thursday night, we had a four course menu in the Prinz Carl Palais. I never saw anything like that except in a movie. It was amazing, the environment, the conversations, the food and the vine … in short it was a nearly perfect evening. Why only nearly perfect? Since Bernd was not there to share this nice evening with me.

Well, last night I came back to Ilmenau. To summarize the trip, I would say, very interesting, very impressive, very instructive … but also very exhausting. I hope I will have in future again the opportunity to go to such events.


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carles said...

sure you will!! ;-)