Wednesday, July 26

work work work

Uff, do you know the time after lunch when you are not motivated to do anything, you just want to sleep and do nothing? It is terrible in Spain, normally I was in this mode for half an hour but not 1-1.5 hours. :( That's why I am working so long every day. Well, my supervisor is going on vacacions in 2 days and I am still waiting for some information so I can start my simulation and get my results. :( And the worst thing, I think I will not get them before she is going on vacacions! AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA, what shall I do then? Well, I could start writing ... but did I meantion the thing with the motivation? Uff, it is summer and I am working. The only good thing is, that it is to hot to leave the working place ( :) in Spain we have air condition at work, not like in Germany!) and you cannot go to the beach since they have a problem with jellyfishs at the moment. So I rather stay at work then going home and sweating to death (only 31ºC but 65% humidity).

Anyway it is quite boring at home since my flatmates went already back home to St. Sebastian, Spain. Uhhh, I should make a party ;) Yeah maybe on Saturday.

Well, I guess I should work a little bit more and read some complicated papers about throughput bounds. :(

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