Wednesday, August 29

World War II Bomb Detonation in Munich

Who can believe that?! On Monday, construction workers found a 2nd world war bomb in Munich. The bomb was buried one meter deep at the site of the former bar "Schwabinger 7". I don't believe it was laying here all the time. I had been a couple of times in the old and shabby bar which had become iconic in Munich. The bar was always really crowded, I was always wondering how so many people can fit inside. We were all standing on a bomb without expecting anything. Strange picture! Well, they found the 250kg bomb on Monday and the surrounding area got evacuated very fast. On Tuesday, they tried to defuse the bomb but without success. So, a control detonation seemed to be the best solution. Simon Aschenbrenner was making a video of the whole detonation from his home and put it online. To watch is just click here. Here is one of the images of this video.

Luckily, nobody got hurt. After the explosion there were small fires (they used straw to cover the bomb which of course caught fire and set the surrounding building on fire. I still don't understand why they used straw in the first place) and destroyed windows, but it seems that extremly big damage occurred.
I still can't believe that people were drinking, listening to music and having fun directly on top of a bomb for over 42 years and nothing serious happened. Well, I guess sometimes you have to be lucky!

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