Saturday, September 29

Broken Foot

One week ago, I was really lucky. In case you haven't recognize my ironical tone, it was mean very ironically. I had been to a birthday party of my parents best friend and everything went wrong. First, I broke some part from my tooth (Please note that cherry cake can be really dangerous for your teeth!!) and when I came back from the dentist the next day, I made a wrong step and broke the left outer metatarsal bone on my left foot. In the beginning I thought I simply have sprained my foot in a strange way. But the pain became worse with every hour. So, I had to go to the emergency room since it was a Saturday. They made an x-ray et volia. The bone is broken, but at least no need for an operation. Since then my crutches have been my best friends.
Here you can see my x-ray from Saturday. It is not 100% broken which saved me from an operation.

On Tuesday, I got a new bandage which is much better and more comfortable. I can even put some weight on my foot again, which is really helpful. But I will have to carry this for the next 6-8 weeks and I have injected myself anti-thromboses injections everyday. :( That is the worst thing for me.But as we say in German: " Unkraut vergeht nicht!" So I will survive. :)

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