Sunday, September 16

Diving license

I had an exciting weekend at my diving school. I started to do my open water diver (OWD) this weekend after having a test diving some days ago. I must confess it is more exhausting then I thought before. But it is really cool. To do the license, you have to pass a theoretical test and get some experience: one day in the swimming pool and two days in open water. I passed the test yesterday and was diving in a extraordinary pool today. We went to divers in Aufkirchen, Germany, which is an old sauerkraut factory remodeled for diving. There are several pools linked with each other. It was a great experience. They even have grounded an old small boot and plastic turtles, dolphins and other marine animals. I also found this video on youtube from other divers.


So far, I managed all exercises such as lifting and replacing the diving mask, unmounting and remounting the jacket and weight-belt under water, losing and remounting the regulator and water entries such as jumping from a boot. We also practice some emergence cases such as mounting and breathing with the seconding regulator of our dive buddy and help and rescue your buddy. I even managed very well the pressure adjustment. I only do have some difficulties with the balance. But this is a question of practice.
It was definitely worth it that I had to wake up really early the whole weekend and that I am now really tired and my muscles are aging like hell. I met nice people and learned interesting things. DIVING IS AWESOME!!

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