Wednesday, November 14


Today it is four weeks after my operation and I am still not allowed to walk and have to put my foot up. I can tell you this is really boring! I domed to lay on my parents couch most of the day and I also have to take heparin each day. Well, I must confess I really got used to the injections and 90% of them go really well. So it has lost some of its horror. Ups, I should say that otherwise it will get worse again ... But I am so bored every day and I am so unsatisfied since I can not do much. So, I am reading a lot and I want to share my two favorite English craft websites with you. The first one, shelterness is a collection of very interesting crafting ideas. I like to look through the articles and collect ideas for future crafting projects. The second one is AlisaBurke. I just love her ideas and creativity! She is a freelance painter and mixed media artist and she is posting lots of interesting stuff. I simply love her designs!! I wish I were so creative. 
I also spend some time with our "new" dog. Barney. He is so cute. But have a look by yourself

 I think he could be a super dog model. ;) I tried to teach him some tricks while I am at my parents. But he is really selective and stubborn. So, he comes when I calling his name, he sits, lays down and he lets off toys if I order it. So far so good. However, he doesn't want to fetch things. So I am throwing toys, he is running behind them, he is picking them up and when I call him, he is coming but without anything! So he is never returning anything! It is so annoying. I guess I should be more patient but it is not one of my strengths and I can't reach the thrown toys so easily. :/ Well, it might come with time, isn't it? I will miss him a lot when I am back to my normal life again.

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