Monday, November 19

Somebody who really missed me!

In the last weeks, I was at my parents to recover from my foot operation. Yesterday evening, I came back and today was my first working day. It was really interesting and lots of things had to be done. But it was also really exhausting. My foot was okay most of the day, however, by the time I went home it started hurting a bit. So, I was really looking forward to having a relaxing evening on my couch. As soon as I switched on my lights, I noticed a strange sound from my terrace and guess who was there. Felix, my neighbor's cat was already waiting for me and wanted to make up for 3 weeks of no cuddling time. So I couldn't say no and well, look by yourself

I completely forgot that I was wearing my black cardigan and that cats like to lose lots of their hair while stroking. :/ Now, I look so
Well, I have to do my laundry soon anyway =) It was definitely worth it.

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