Sunday, May 7

Red Bull Air Race

Yesterday, I was at the red bull air race. It was amazing! It was a really good show. First there were some helicopters and some sky divers which did a lot of crazy stunts. I often thought there will be a crash, but fortunately nothing happend. Later there was the race between different airplanes. No, the planes were not flying at the same time, only one each time and in the end the fastest won. Here are two pics from planes.

There were so many people that you nearly couldn't see the sand at the beach. I tried to meet two friends, but it was not possible. You couldn't connect to a net, since there were too many people with mobile phones. I think they said there were more than 1 Mio. persons.
And you won't believe who I met per accident! My flatmate Inigor with his friends. Here is also a pic from my flatmate:
As you can see, it was quite warm. :) Well, it's Barcelona. For all of you who don't know how this race works: the planes have to fly a certain route which is indicated by big blow-up cones on each side. The planes have to fly as fast as possible between this cones. If they "touch" them, they get a penaltiy of 10 s. So the planes are really fast and quite close to the water, since the cones were swimming on the water close to the beach.

If you want to see more and better pics then go to
There are also the results from the race. The German pilot Klaus didn't win. :( But the Hungarian guy was really good!

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