Saturday, May 6

First week in Barcelona

I did it! I went to Barcelona to do my diploma thesis. Yes, Barcelona in Spain, well better Catalunia. ;)
The first nights, I spent in a Hostel with the name Palau and it was very nice. Quite central and I meet great people there. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for sight seeing since I was looking for a nice flat in BCN. However this was much more complicated as I thought.
Well, now I am living with two guys from St. Sebastian, Ibai and Inigor. They are nice and they also speak english. ;)
My room is quite small and but not cheap!! It has a window and I can see the sky! This is not naturally in Spain. A lot of the rooms I saw where interior, that means you look at a dark, mouldy and depressing duct. :( You do not want to have a room with a window like than, believe me!

You wanna see some pics, okay.

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