Thursday, January 8

The Gym

This evening I went to the gym for the first time of this year. The gym is very nice and well equipped. They have this Miha training circuits. There you get a smart card which contains all settings for each machine. So you simply have to go to the machine you want to use and insert the card. Then automatically the machine finds the right settings for you such as seat height, optimal range of motion and the weight you used the last time. The latter was the reason why I was so devastated after the training. Well, I must confess that I didn't really go to the gym in Dezember. After all what happend in the begining of Dezember, I was not really "motivated" ... So the weights today were still the ones I used in November when I had gone to the gym twice a week for several months. Whose of you who do some sports might know that the muscles will degenerate quite fast if you stop the training. I can confirm this. Today, I was barely able to lift the weights. I even had to reduce some of them. After the training I was so excaused that my knees were shaking and I had to sit down for more than 10 mins. I guess tomorrow all my muscles will be really painful. I am really looking forward to this. :/ So if you hear a pained groan tomorrow, turn around it might be me. ;)


Christiane said...

Oh ja, ich kenne das! Ich war nun auch schon seit Anfang Dezember nicht mehr schwimmen. Und nun bin ich zu erkältet, um direkt wieder anzufangen. Da gehen direkt mal Wassergefühl, Technik und Kraft flöten! Ich werde zur Sicherheit lieber nur mit Schwimmpuffies ins Wasser gehen. Aber für gewöhnlich kommt die Kraft recht schnell zurück, wenn man am Ball bleibt... oder an den Gewichten... ;-)

Schnattchen's Blog said...

Everything will be allright. Sooner or later, I know you hate those words, but one day you might even smile over it ;)

And I am glad you are back in the blogger I can add you again to my Link List :) and I am doing it right now! Have a look!