Tuesday, January 13

Broken Mirror

I just came home and nearly stepped into my broken mirror. I can't believe it!! Approximately 3 months ago, I glued the mirror against the side of my tall closet. I thought I did a great job. Before gluing the mirror to the wall, I cleaned both, the wall of the closet as well as the back of the mirror, so they were free of grease and dust. I also used special glue pads for mirrors. I though it will last for ever. Well, it seems I am very bad in judging everlasting situations...
Does it now mean I will have seven years of bad luck? Or does this superstition only come true if you have smashed the mirror by yourself or at least have been present when it happened? What do you think? Will I be damned?
Since I arrived so late this evening, I couldn't hoover (vacuum-clean for my American friends) my floor. I don't wanna weak up my neighbors. So, I could only collect the bigger pieces and I have to hoover the whole floor tomorrow morning. Great start into the day, don't you think? =(


Schnattchen's Blog said...

I do not think you will have bad luck for next seven years. You know yourself that physical and very earthly powers made the mirrow fall from the wall ;)

I got a calendar from a friend and every week there is another positive thought written on it. This week I think I need to share this positive thought with you:

"Das Glück kommt zu dir, wenn du es erwartest"

LG, Schnattchen

Christiane said...

Das ist ja lustig, genau das ist mir auch passiert! 1996! Ich hatte den Spiegel auf einem Flohmarkt an der Ostsee gekauft und heil nach Leipzig gebracht. Dort hänge ich ihn mit Spiegelkleber an einen sauberen Schrank. Das hat genau 3 min. gehalten. Zum Pech kann ich sagen, dass es sich in Grenzen hielt. Ich habe in den darauf folgenden 7 Jahren ein Staatsexamen bestanden und ein Auslandsstudium erfolgreich absolviert. Aber Clärchens Vati, also den Jonas, den habe ich erst nach 8 Jahren getroffen... ;-)

Herzliche Grüße