Monday, July 17

Mi querido va a vistarme!!!!

This night Bernd booked his ticket to Barcelona!!!! I cannot wait to see him! Well, now I can start and count the days! He will be flying on the 14th of August and he will stay 2 weeks!!! The best news I have heard today! :) :) :)

Tonight, I went for dinner to two colleagues from work. Anna and Carles made Gazpacho (see the photo of Anna and the Gazpacho) and I made a cake and Rouladen. Well, the cake is already tradition, but the Rouladen were new. I was stealing the idea from Annika, a friend who is now in Australia. She reminds me in her blog that these are traditional German food. At the end, we were really full and couldn't move anymore, thus we watched a spanish movie. Unfortunately, the movie was without subtitles, so I would have understand very much. But my colleagues translated all the parts where I had some problems. However, the best thing at this evening was not the delicious food but the old German gramphone which Carles got from his grandfather who lived 20 years in Germany. It is still working!!!! He also has several records with old German songs. It was great to hear the old music.

But now I need to go to bed. Tomorrow I have to work again. :)

Did I already tell you that Bernd is coming? :) I am so happy!!! ;)

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