Sunday, July 9

JJJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :) I did it! I was in the water and was "swimming"!!! The first time here in Barcelona! And I can tell you, it is salt water. The first minutes, I was felling like a potato shortly before it will be cooked. :) But it was great. Well, the weather was not so nice today, quite stormy. The baywatch people put the red flag which means you shouldn't go in the water at all. But everybody did it so I went as well. Not swimming but jumping into the big waves. It was great, except the point where I nearly lost my Bikini. I should buy a new one which fits better. This shouldn't be a problem since in Barcelona they have summer sales at the moment. Well, the summer sales end at the 31.8.!! So I have plenty of time to find a new one! *smile* Barcelona is great!!

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