Sunday, July 16

Vamos a la playa ohooo jeeehhee jooooo

Again, beach afternoon .... today, I went with Celeste and some other friends to Mataró. It is a nice city with much nicer and even cleaner beaches as Barcelona. The water was really great, not to cold and not to stormy. We only went for three hours in the afternoon, so I didn't get a sunburn :) Thus, I am still sunburn-free in Barcelona. Well, okay I got one in Germany, but this doesn't count. :)
I know now why Barcelona is packed. The reason are the mountains. Yes, you read right, here are many big mountains. Between the mountains and the sea there is only a small area, where you can build house etc. . Due to the mountains, Barcelona cannot be easily extended. Hence, the people live really close to each other. Sometimes I find it too close and too full. I am just not used to it, I guess. :)
Well, after the beach, we went out tonight for dinner to a really fancy place. It is called basílico and was very good, but also quite expensive. Ruth and Celeste, my two friends had two friends from Denmark to be visiting. This was the reason we went to a really fancy restaurante.

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