Thursday, December 13

12 of 12

Frau Kännchens from Draußen nur Kännchen started a nice game. Every month on the 12 she is taking 12 pictures and posting them on her very nice blog. I liked the idea and yesterday was the 12th of December so here them come:
 Today I had my first physio-lesson after my operation. It was okay but more a massage than exercise.

 While heading to work I saw these pigeons gathering all together.

 By a close up, they were all sleeping, so peaceful.

 Waiting for the train, yes the sun just comes up around 8:30 am.It has been the first blue sky since days.

Enjoying my orchidee at work.
 Claudia was solving the puzzle, I put online some days before. (I must confess I forgot to take a pic yesterday, so I just did it some minutes ago ;) )

 Having some nuts to increase my brain capacity in the afternoon.

 When I came home, I found a nice surprise in my mail box. I got a parcel!!

 I am so happy that my rubber tree is getting finally new leaves after months of nearly dieding.

 Getting ready for the weekly girls night :)

 The remaining after 6 girls ordering 4 pizzas

 The day ended as it started, with a train ride ...

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Anonymous said...

Started by Chad Darnell (USA), adopted all over the world, hosted by Caro in Germany.