Friday, December 21

Five Questions Friday!

It is Friday, so again Steffi was publishing five questions, the last one of this year, which I try to answer now. :)
1.) Anything unsaid in 2012? Was willst du 2012 noch sagen?
Love is so important for everybody, so stop singing the blues or feeling bad. There is lots of love out there, just start to give some and you will sooner or later receive some.  

2.) How are you? Wie geht's dir?

I feel on top of the world surrounded by lovely people.

3.) Did you already buy yourself as present? Hast du dir schon mal selbst geschenkt?
I am still adicted to books, I can't pass a book store without shoping. ;)

4.) What are you going to eat in the next days? Was isst du die nächsten Tage?

I love fried potatoes, especially with rosemary. Delicious!

5.) And now? Und jetzt?

I have some nice and peaceful days with my family and our dog. :)

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