Monday, December 3

Paper Snowflake DIY

I found this tutorial some time ago and I always wanted to make my own snowflake. This evening was the one, it is cold and dark outside, so it is perfect for crafting. The snowflake is very easy to make and so beautiful. You only need 6 quadratic sized paper in the color you prefer, a pair of scissors, a pencil if you prefer to mark the cut before, glue and some thread to mount the snowflake. Of course, the bigger the paper squares, the bigger the final snowflake will be. Well, as you know I am addicted to red, brown and orange colors, so I chose some red paper.

I didn't have any quadratic papers at home, so I simply divided three A4 sized papers in half

in order to get the quadratic shape, I simply removed the excess paper after turning the right lower corner to the top line.

By doing so, you will end up with a square folded diagonal. Now you have to cut three parallel triangles starting from the folded edge. The triangles should be distributed evenly. Make sure that you don't cut till the top of the triangle.

Then unfold the square and put some glue to the corner of  inner triangle.

Turn the square to the other side and glue the two inner triangles together. You will get a tube. Then you repeat this procedure with the next triangle. So put some glue to the inner corner, turn the paper and put the two corners of the inner triangle together.

You get another tube pointing on the other side as the first one.

 As you might have guessed, you continue gluing the corners alternately together.

So you will end up with four tube-like shapes, two on each side.

After the fourth, the last, triangle, we will receive the first part of the final snow flake. You will need six parts, so you have to repeat the whole cutting and gluing marathon with the other 5 remaining papers. Once, you finished then, you can start gluing them together. Here I put the first two together.
Finally, you will have all six parts glued together.

Now you can a whole in one of the six ends. Put some thread through it and you can hang it into your window.

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