Saturday, December 1

Xmas time is definitely coming ...

I love this pre-Xmas time each year. Outside it is getting colder and colder, inside it is warm and the candles are shining. Everybody is spending time with their families and friends. Lot's of harmony and relaxing time.
As you can see, even our dog is relaxed. I haven't seen him for almost two week and his fur has been growing a lot. I nearly didn't recognize him when I arrived. :) He looks like a small sheep. But so he is very well protect against the cold. I wish I would have such a nice coat.
Another very nice thing in this time of the year are the traditional German Xmas cookies and cakes. They are gorgeous! Only the German "Glühwein" is missing. But who knows, maybe I am lucky and I will get one later today. :) Tomorrow it is the first advent! And I wish you all a nice Xmas time!

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