Friday, December 7

Five Questions Friday

I always wanted to participate in the 5-question Friday which I have seen on several nice blogs I check frequently. So every week before Friday, Steffi is publishing 5 questions which I will answer with photos I made this week, let's check it out.  

1.) Warst du brav? - Have you been a good girl?
I saved the neighbors cat from getting frozen outside at least twice this week. =)

2.) Was wünschst du dir vom Weihnachtsmann? - What are your wishes for Christmas?

The hand-some santa from here would be nice. =)

3.) Was hält dich warm? - What keeps you warm?

My nice and warm green winter jacket! I love it!

4.) Ist wahr? - Is it true?

I have been in Cologne last Wednesday!

5.) Was war gut? - What was great?

DLR Science Slam final live in Cologne 2012! It was an awesome night!

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